Steps for Obtaining License

In addition to a completed Application for U.S. Virgin Islands Business License, the following items will need to be on file at the DLCA's Licensing Division before a business license may be issued:

  • Tax Clearance Letter
    Bureau of Internal Revenue
    Telephone: STX (340) 773-1040 / STT (340) 715-1040

All applicants for license renewal will be issued the business license without confirmation of tax clearance status. Please note, however, that all applicants are obligated to ensure that they are current with regard to their tax obligations. Failure to maintain tax clearance may result in action being taken to terminate the business license.

This review will be conducted electronically, on applicant's behalf, by the DLCA Division of Licensing upon submission of application for new business license or in the instance where there is a change of principal(s).

This review will be conducted electronically, on applicant’s behalf, by the DLCA Division of Licensing upon submission of the license application.

  • Fire Inspection
    Fire Service
    Telephone: STT (340) 774-7610 / STX (340) 773-8050

Businesses may be must submit to a review by the Fire Service for fire code compliance. The Fire service will determine the nature of the review that is required for your business type.

  • Health Inspection
    Department of Health
    Telephone: STT (340) 774-9000 /STX (340) 773-1311

Some businesses will need to submit to a review by the Department of Health depending on type of license requested. (food related business, massage therapists, physician offices, undertakers, pharmacies, etc.).

The following listed professions must be certified by their respective board to practice in the V.I.:

NOTE: To avoid unnecessary delays, please make sure your business is ready for inspection and has complied with all rules and regulations concerning your type of business and/or profession prior to submitting your business license application.