Employee Directory

ST. CROIX    T: 340.713.DLCA (3522)   F:340.718.6982
Commissioner's Office F: 340.718.8250
Administration & Business Management F: 340.718.2754
Legal F: 340.718.8250
Licensing Division F: 340.718.6982
Office of Boards & Commissions F: 340.718.8250
Consumer Affairs F: 340.718.6982
Enforcement F: 340.718.6982
Name Position/Title Extension
Cazaubon, Kareem Enforcement Officer 3274
Daniels, K’wanda  Special Assistant/Office of the Commissioner 3282
Evangelista, Richard Commissioner 3280
Frederick, Maxime Collection Clerk 3241
Graham Jr, Horace  Director of Licensing 3240
Greenidge, Patricia  Licensing Officer 3243
Gumbs, Diana Enforcement Officer 3272
Harris-O'Reilly, Dido  Compliance Officer 3266
Harrigan, Knatasha Receptionist 3221
Hodge, H. Nathalie Assistant Commissioner 3250
Horsford, Venetia Chief Compliance Officer 3265
Jean-Baptiste, Genitha Licensing Officer, Boards and Commissions 3252
Marius, Jonathan Enforcement Officer 3273
McFarlande, Joycelyn  Manager/Administrative Services 3220
O'Neill, Ann Cecile District Counsel 3232
Osorio Brooks, Wanda Administrative Officer 3251
Rodriguez, Juan Director, Enforcement  3270
Santos, Luis Chief Inspector 3262
Tricoche, Miguel Director, Consumer Affairs 3260
Tyson, Sandra Licensing Officer 3242
ST. JOHN    T: 340.693.8036    F: 340.776.6989
Name Position/Title Extension
Charles, Veronique St. John Coordinator  
Petersen, Estellita Licensing Officer  
ST. THOMAS    T: 340.714.DLCA (3522)   F: 340.776.8303
Commissioner's Office F: 340.776.0675
Administration & Business Management F: 340.774.7258
Legal F: 340.774.1584
Licensing Division F: 340.776.8303 
Office of Boards & Commissions F: 340.776.8303 
Consumer Affairs F: 340.776.0675  
Enforcement F: 340.776.8303 
Name Position/Title Extension
Alexander, Shakita Compliance Officer 4265
Alexander, Sharon Licensing Officer 4244
Donovan, Darryl Chief Enforcement Officer 4271
Evangelista, Richard Commissioner 4280
George, Myrna Deputy Commissioner 4281
Grosvenor-Stevens, Tiffany Special Assistant to Assistant Commissioner 4252
Hodge, H. Nathalie Assistant Commissioner 4250
Jeffers, Karleen Assistant Director to Licensing 4251
Lawrence, Nestra Paralegal Researcher 4232
Lewis, Latishma Receptionist 4221
Norford, Frederick General Counsel 4230
Rene, Chris Enforcement Officer 4271
Richardson, Chelston Enforcement Officer 4273
Ross, Stephanie Licensing Officer 4243
Simeon, P. Marie Enforcement Aide 4245
Smith, Natasha Compliance Officer 4265
Stapleton, Karen Licensing Officer 4245
Thomas, Cherokee Licensing Officer 4242
Van Holten, Dion Weights & Measure Inspector 4262